What We Do

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Proactive Legal Advice

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As an outsourced general counsel, your Nimbus attorney is poised to become a trusted legal partner for the executive and management teams in your business. By working personally with your team on a regular basis, we can provide real-time practical legal advice that is proactive as opposed to reactive. This inside knowledge of your company’s vision, goals, plans, and culture will help guide internal advice to the executive and management teams as well as external negotiation with your customers and vendors.

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Transparency and Accountability

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At Nimbus we offer outsourced GC services on a transparent and flat fee basis, billed monthly, including a la carte “add-on” options, based on a mutually agreed upon scope of work. This allows you to budget and plan ahead for legal spend, while avoiding the overhead cost of a full-time in-house attorney. Nimbus is also well-suited to handle overflow or project-based work from your current in-house legal team. And all, of course, on a flat, negotiated fee basis.

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Practical and Efficient Legal

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By working as a team to create automated systems and workflows for the customer and vendor contract process, through template updates, negotiation, and renewals, we will create more efficient processes that create value in the day-to-day operation of your company. Additionally, an outsourced GC is incentivized through the Nimbus model to provide efficient legal services that are driven by the day-to-day business of your company.

Your Nimbus attorney is your outsourced GC. Our tiers of outsourced general counsel services come with dedicated response times and white-label solutions. You can have an in-house legal team, without the overhead.

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Intelligent Consumption of Legal Services

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This is our driving light. Disrupting how legal services are consummed by effectively using technology, resources within your own company, and combining transparent flat fee billing with recurring scopes of services to provide a predictible, effective legal solution for growth stage companies.

The Idea

The idea behind Nimbus Legal is quite simple. Flexible, transparent, and practical legal services focused on the day-to-day needs of executive officers in high-growth companies.

Is your company in growth stage? Tired of reading indemnification clauses and confidentiality agreements? Confused about managing incentive equity? What does corporate governance really mean?

Do you need quick, practical, and informed legal management to facilitate contract processes, corporate procedures, sales and pricing variance, and internal risk management? Without the high overhead of a full-time in-house general counsel?

Nimbus Legal = your outsourced general counsel.

Flat monthly fees on a shared services subscription model for an experienced general counsel that will obtain internal knowledge of your company and be responsive to your company’s growing needs.

What You Can Expect

Phase One – Implementation month or period of discovery where we will:


  • Provide a questionnaire and analysis to define recurring legal needs
  • Determine risk profile and concerns specific to your company
  • Complete a customer contract audit and review
  • Complete a vendor and strategic partner audit and review
  • Discuss and evaulate pain points in various departments, including contracting process with customers, pricing, sales, HR, risk management, data security, equity management, and corporate governance

Phase Two – We will propose a monthly outsourced GC tier for your company, with corresponding scope of work, which may include the following:


  • Manage customer contracting process, including renewals
  • Contract drafting and preparation (utilization of CRM system and digital signature technology, updated templates/forms)
  • Negotiation with customers and vendors utilizing company’s risk profile
  • Maintain management process for executed contracts and track variability of material terms of executed contracts
  • Ensure compliance with pricing systems, insurance requirements, risk analysis in contracts with customers and vendors

Are you ready for an outsourced GC?

  • Does your company sell a product or service? In what industry?
  • Do your company negotiate its sales contracts and vendor contracts?
  • Does your company need an equity and corporate governance management system?
  • Do you currently have an in-house legal GC or team?