The Business of Legal: The Data-Driven Law Practice by Nimbus Of Counsel Mary Juetten

Mary Juetten’s second book, The Business of Legal: The Data-Driven Law Practice launched at the end of last month as a Kindle offering on Amazon.* Again written in plain English, with simple case studies, Juetten provides an approach for lawyers and other legal technicians to use data and process to drive change. Mary uses her thirty-year plus business, accounting, law, and consulting background to provide a roadmap for lawyers looking to improve their firms, all in less than 100 pages, complete with pictures! Actually, any professional can adapt the book’s advice to create a data-driven successful practice.

Mary’s goal is that attorneys, administrators, consultants alike can easily replicate the approach in the case studies. The book does not require fancy technology to implement, some post-it notes or a whiteboard, markers and your time are all that is needed. The Business of Legal explains how lawyers can collect data; analyze processes, and implement change; all required to compete and succeed in today’s challenging market. While the laws may differ, the core of business and management is universal.

Exploring goal setting to problem identification, the book first follows a small firm that is trying to improve their new client development process. Juetten explores the client-centric requirement of all services and professions today as an integral part of the successful law practice today. However, that is expanded to data and profitability; how to evaluate clients for an ideal financial fit; and firm cash management. Accounting principles and the need for tracking time are explored to maximize the impact of that important data. A second case study reviews some of the unique challenges faced by a solo attorney who has just started his firm. Compensation and how a firm should keep track or score of data and metrics are also included. 

Mary’s book is not just for tech-savvy lawyers. In fact, she encourages attorneys to first master the concepts in the book before trying to solve problems with technology. #onwards.

*Available as print-on-demand in October for $24.99; Kindle version is only $9.99.