Nimbus Legal welcomes Katie Martinka: a Q&A.

Spotlight with Nimbus GC Katie Martinka

Nimbus is excited to welcome Katie Martinka as the newest Nimbus outsourced GC.  Katie is joining our team to help companies in emerging technology sectors.

You’ve had notable achievements in your field, and are a proven problem solver. How would you describe yourself as a general counsel?

I am a very creative problem solver, with a focus on preventative measures. My goal is to allow my clients to thrive while avoiding probable risks whenever possible, which means always thinking several steps ahead.

I have an IP litigation background, and so I have an acute awareness of what the potential pitfalls can be for clients in technology. I work extremely hard to avoid those pitfalls both efficiently and proactively, and do everything I can to help my clients achieve positive outcomes. I truly love helping people–it brings me joy.

Why did you choose to become a Nimbus GC?

I lived in Phoenix before moving to the Bay Area, and immersing myself in the tech scene here. I enjoy Silicon Valley, but I am so excited to re-enter the tech community in the greater Phoenix area. I’m coming back to Phoenix because the emerging market here is rapidly growing and is one of the hottest places in the country for tech. I want to be part of that energy.

Nimbus Legal has an unbelievable network of partners, which means our clients in this space will benefit not only from the outsourced GC model that is so innovative here, but also from the web of law firms and business solutions providers that have partnered with us.

Why kinds of tech companies will you work with as a Nimbus GC?

I will be working primarily with Software-as-a-Service companies and mobile applications. I have deep experience in these areas and really enjoy it. I thrive on learning and adopting new technology.  I prefer working with companies that are cutting edge and scaling up. My sweet spot is emerging to mid-market companies, which fits perfectly into the Nimbus Legal model.

What is the coolest tech company you’ve worked with?

That would be Strava, the social network for athletes. They have more than 32 million users in 195 countries. Strava motivated me on many levels — to exercise more, to harness my competitive spirit, to surround myself with inspiring people, and I got to spearhead their GDPR effort, which was an ever-changing, exciting and challenging landscape to navigate.

In a lot of ways it’s because of Strava that I’m so excited to work as an outsourced GC with emerging tech companies in Phx. I really enjoy working with founders and executives who are working on creating something that puts a mark on the world.

You mentioned GDPR, which was a big deal last year. What can US companies expect in 2019 and what should they be prepared for?

Well, California will have to comply with its’ own version of  GDPR this year. That’s a really big deal that is going to have a big impact on a large percentage of US tech companies. New privacy laws are also going into effect in other states and we could see new US federal privacy laws, as early as this spring. We’re watching this very closely. Even though GDPR originated overseas and is currently regarded as a European legal issue, it’s very much impacting data privacy laws and practices here in the states. Every company that deals with personal data in an online environment should do some research and start thinking about the imminent changes that will come both federally and at the state level. I’m really looking forward to helping tech companies navigate GDPR and other privacy laws in 2019.

What’s something about you that’s interesting to know

I’m a gypsy at heart. I’ve lived in in 5 states and 9 metropolitan areas. My passion is learning about new cultures and people.

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