Insider knowledge leads to proactive legal advice.

As part-time general counsel, my goal is to become a trusted legal partner for the executive and management teams in your business. By working personally with your team on a regular basis, I can provide real-time legal advice that is proactive as opposed to reactive. This inside knowledge of your company’s vision, goals, plans, and culture will help guide internal advice to the executive and management teams and external negotiation with your customers and vendors.

Why Nimbus?

Nimbus is the cloud responsible for making rain. Thus, it is in honor of cloud-based technology companies that are making it rain. Secondarily, “Nimble Business.”

Meet Beth

  • What do you do with an idea? After six years of working with amazing start-up companies in Arizona, advising on capital formation, organizational structure, corporate governance, and the daily rigors of starting a business, the answer was simple. Start a business.

    I started Nimbus to be operationally involved in businesses and to provide proactive legal advice that reduces costs and exposure, facilitates deals, and utilize technology to streamline legal needs.

Phase 1

Implementation period

  • Get to know company, sales teams, executive management, leaders
  • Get to know product, technology, or the professionals
  • Assess daily legal needs and responsiveness requirements
  • Contract audit and review
  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Partners and consultants
  • Privacy policy, SaaS contracts, data policies

Phase 2

Ongoing General Counsel Services or Strategic Sessions